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Getting Personal: Inner Child Work--I Get it Now!

This little cutie was me.  I'm not sure what happened. LOL!

I admit that I used to poo-poo Inner Child work and write it off as "so much New Age fluff."  I'm a snob at times.  I can and do own that.  That said, my attitude toward this particular type of work was changed last year. 
The truth of the matter is that, as a woman who doesn't have children and doesn't feel particularly maternal, I just didn't understand what it was or what its purpose is. I do now! I never knew why I would want to do this work or how to start, how to connect with the most important child of all:  My own Inner Child.  It was my mother's death in 2016 that brought everything into perspective for me. 
What ultimately triggered it was not my mother's death itself, but some photos I found (included above) while going through some family documents and photos.  I came across this folding frame, and I was just compelled to stare at the photos for a while.  I found myself feelin…