Foundations: Altars- My Breaking Rock

It just looks like a rock in the woods, but...

Last Spring, I participated in a spell concerning two major Texas Supreme Court decisions. The group of us who participated made honey pots well before the decisions came down. As the spell came to a close and the two decisions came down, I realized that it was time for me to end my spell and release the energy to the Universe. 

I'm big on not just ending spells, but actually releasing their energy, unless the need for a specific energy manifestation is ongoing.  I feel this way, because I believe that if the energy is not released, an issue may continue and never be resolved.  Sometimes, it's necessary to do additional spell work around an issue, but I feel that a new spell should be done each time if this is not known initially.  Keeping something going keeps us tied to it. Sometimes, this is a correct state.  Other times, it is not.  In the case of these  court decisions, I felt that once the decisions came down (both of them,) I needed to let go.

I live up a 1/6 mile long wooded driveway. My partner and I make a habit--alone or together--of walking down to the road to pick up our mail at least a few times a week.  One day, I was alone, and as I passed by this rock, I was told by...something, "This is to be your Breaking Rock."  I instantly understood what that meant, and I worked it into my plan for that first spell:  At the end, I would break my honey pot upon that rock, and that would release the magic and carry it off into the Universe.  That's just what I did, when those two decisions came down.  I have used it for this purpose twice so far.  It is my Altar of Endings.

I had never given spell endings any thought before.  I had always just released the energy at the end of a spell into the Universe when I took down my Circle, and that (so I thought) was that.  I don't know if this Teaching came to me as a product of where I live--I'm in West Virginia, and it is very rocky here.  Our property alone has many, many rocky ridges and crags--or as a gift to be given when a major life change hits (both of my parents are now gone.  I am an orphan.)  All I know is that it was given to me, and I have honored it.  I do feel it makes a difference to end a spell in a very concrete way.

There is a practical aspect to this process for me, as well:  Whenever I end a spell this way, I always make sure to clean up anything that does not belong in Nature or could harm Her creatures.  I clean up broken glass and any objects that just don't belong there, and I dispose of those things in the customary way.  It is a natural spot, and it is still my home, so I want to keep it as pristine as possible.  If one were to look closely, one might see tiny specs of wax or a tiny piece of glass here or there, but for the most part, no one would know what it was if I chose not to tell them.

Blessed be.
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