How I Am Dealing with the Problem

I was very inspired by the spirit of the spell cast by many Witches back in February, but for reasons I covered in that post, I opted out. I did a lot of thinking, and this month, I carried out my own.  The problem we are facing here in the U.S. is simply too big to let go.  We are in a lot of trouble, and the consequences of the actions that are being taken by these people will be far reaching and will set our nation back decades, not to mention the terrible, terrible damage that these actions will do to our beloved Planet.

After some time and much thought, I formulated a spell that both satisfied my need to do something about it and fit comfortably within my personal ethical framework. The spell was begun at the last New Moon (March) and was ended at the Full Moon on April 11. I left the Circle cast the whole time, though all action took place on those two nights.  In between, I simply reinforced the spell with a quick prayer and some specific movement.  The movement was meant to monitor the energy, as well as to boost it and send it on its way.  Some elements were added or removed during the intervening days, as well, depending on what I felt was needed.  For this spell, I simply did not feel that a daily full casting was needed, due to the way it was crafted.

I won't go into specifics, but I can say this much:  I settled on planetary and energetic influences I wanted to bring into play, and based on those elements, I hand crafted an incense specifically for this spell.  I pulled together a chant and the names of specific people I wanted included in this spell.  I very carefully wrote the spell to emphasize reflection (of their negative energy and various evils, back onto themselves,) and diminishment (of their power to harm the American people and the Planet.)  I worked the spell in two phases, one for each action.  I spoke the names, and I uttered the chant.  For reinforcement of the spell, I would simply whisper the last syllable of the chant facing the direction in which I sent the energy.  It felt very powerful to me.

I kept the ashes and remnants of wax from my spell candle, and on the day after I ended the spell, I took it to my Breaking Rock (will post about that later. It's an interesting story,) and I poured the ash and wax out, and I said a prayer to release the energy.  Am I seeing results?  Well, it's hard to say. There have been some actions taken by the people in question that I could interpret that way, but it's really not my place.  Only the Gods know what actions are truly tied to what outcomes.  What I can say is that I feel a whole lot better for having done this.

Some would argue that talking about our spells diminishes or invalidates their power.  I agree, to a point.  I have deliberately waited for some time after I ended my spell to share.  The energy is already out there, hopefully doing its work.  I have moved on in my mind from it, so I don't feel there is any harm sharing, in a general way, what I have done in the past.  I think the key to sharing our magical experiences is to: 1. Be done with the event in our mind and heart.  Be at that point where you feel it's complete, done, over, that you have moved on, and 2. Share only in a very general way.  I did not tell you what my chosen energies were, nor did I give you the recipe for my incense. I have not shared my chant or the layout of my Temple/Circle.  I have not told you any of the names I included in my working, nor shared the hour of the day at which I started and ended my spell.

I am telling a story about a thing I did.  I am hoping someone else finds it helpful or inspiring.  It is my way of teaching.  You give people something to think about, and you let them work through it themselves.  If anyone wants more specific teaching, they can seek you out and talk to you...or they can start reading up on the parts of the story that interest them the most and find their path that way.  If stories are never shared, though, wisdom dies out.

Blessed be.

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