Nature Teachings: Ant

OK, so this is a carpenter ant, but you get my point.

Many years ago, I participated in a guided meditation, during which we were meant to meet some of our animal guides.  I learned that day that I have at least one Insect Guide:  the ant.  I met Ant in one of its underground tunnels.  In the vision, I was very small--smaller than the ant--but I was not afraid, and the ant was not vicious. We simply had a conversation.  That day, I did not walk away with a clear understanding of what Ant wanted from me or what its purpose is in my life.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was struggling with current events, I looked up at one point during my meditation, and I saw one, lone ant crawling up the wall from behind my Altar.  My Temple is not on the ground floor, and the windows weren't open that day, so it seemed very random.  I just sat and watched the ant, and as I did so, the guided meditation I mentioned came back to my awareness. Finally, it occurred to me what Ant wants from me. Ant is not my Totem. It is simply one of my Animal Guides, though it is one of the more prominent ones!

I need to let go of my worry over The Big Picture.  I can't directly affect The Big Picture alone.  I can only do my one, small part.  There are a few things at which I excel, so I should stick to that. To try and do too much only brings chaos.  (I don't function well in chaos!) I came to understand that I need to work on my fundamentals, and I need to focus on my strengths and tackle this massive problem we have here in the US from that angle.  I can't take on the world by myself. I can only add my unique voice and energy to the larger whole.

As mundane an event as that was on the surface--seeing that one ant and watching it crawl up the wall--it was exactly what I needed to see and to remember in that moment.

Ever since this encounter, I have had a much better understanding of my role as a Witch in combating the negative effects of our current Administration's actions, and I have been feeling much, much less upset, uptight, and anxious.  I'm happy to say I now have a plan and a date and time and will begin creating my own working.  I will share the basics of it in a few days, should anyone else be interested.  I don't intend for this to be a coordinated or mass effort.  I simply like to share what I come across.

More on Ant as a Spirit Guide:

Information on Insects as Totems:

Blessed be!

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