Why I Will Not Help Witches Bind the President

Starting tonight, many will be participating in a spell to bind donald j. trump . While I support my Brother and Sister Witches of all paths wholeheartedly, I will not be participating.  I have a few reasons for this. My purpose in writing this post is not to try and tell anyone they are wrong or are violating some "Karmic Law" or another.  That is not my place.  I'm sharing my reasoning, so that others who may be on the fence or who may be facing pushback because they don't want to participate can see a different perspective on the matter or can feel that they are not alone in having reservations.

  1. I do not know where this document originated.  I do not know the individual(s) who created the spell, nor do I know their intent.  The intent is laid out in the spell itself, true, but I still don't know what the person's true intent is, what is in their heart.  For me, personally, this is an issue.
  2. There are too many unknowns around the execution of the spell. Yes, the time frame is specified, and there are instructions; however, everyone's working will be different, and everyone working the spell will have different intent.  That is OK, but it does not work for me. I need structure in order to feel confident in my workings.
  3. There is no container. Without a proper container for a mass working, there is a probability that the energy put out will simply disperse and possibly not hit its target.
  4. I don't feel binding is the best way to mitigate the damage done by this administration and heal the harms.  My personal belief is that the best way to be effective is to put magic and prayer behind things like bringing all of their dirt and lies to the light, so that they can be seen for what they really are, or supporting the CIA investigation, the writ of mandamus, and other such individual happenings.
You'll notice, Dear Reader, that I did not say anything in my reasons list about the Law of Returns, the Wiccan Rede, or Karma.  As I said before, I don't feel it is my place to be the Moral Police of the Craft.  I know what my ethics dictate, but I do not judge others.  I chose Wicca as my path.  Others did not.  That does not bother me.  There is room for all Witches in this world.

Since the election, I have been doing my own workings, joining groups when I have the opportunity to do so.  I will continue to work this way.

I would love to hear other people's thoughts.

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