These are Trying Times

My better nature is being tested greatly.

This election was very hard on me.  It was hard on many people.  And things are getting even worse, now that 45 is in office and "doing his job."  As a Wiccan, I've been struggling very, very hard.  I've been feeling very angry and very betrayed by my country on a daily basis. It is true that, as a white woman, I have privilege (something I'm not proud of, nor did I ask for, but I have, nonetheless;) however, that does not mean I feel nothing for those who are different from me.  In fact, I would have to say that I feel way too much, sometimes.  I am an empath, and more importantly, I like to believe that I am a decent human being.  All I know for sure is that what is happening right now in the U.S. is really not ok

Like other Witches and Pagans, I have been working magic and praying and journaling and working on my own shit daily.  Like other Witches and Pagans, as well, I have been bumping up against my personal ethics.  A lot. This has been a topic of heavy conversation over the past week and, no doubt, beyond.

Several people have weighed in, and I am grateful, because, while I have not been in direct dialogue with these folks, reading their words has caused me to look at my own situation from several different angles and to investigate where I really am at. I have concluded that I am at a good place, a place where I am comfortable, ethically. I now have a better understanding of my role in all of this, as a Witch, and that has alleviated my anxiety and frustration a great deal.  My sadness is another story, but that's for another post on another day.

What magical activism comes down to, from where I am standing, is very simple:  Know yourself.  Know your boundaries.  Know that every action we take, regardless of who we are, what our path and beliefs are, and what our intention is, has consequences.  What those consequences are or will be, none of us know. What is for us to know is what we each are comfortable with, what we can live with as blow-back for the actions we take.

I was tested fairly early on in my magical workings.  I was tested mightily, and I learned just in the nick of time where that boundary is for me.  Then, some years later, I started studying Wicca.  The rules laid out by my predecessors were a very good guide when I was new on the path.  Now, I have a deeper understanding of the nature of the Craft, and while I will always teach those rules and will always respect them, I find I don't need to follow to the letter.  My own inner guides have shown me where I need to be.

We will always make mistakes as we walk our paths.  The secret is to be aware of this and to let go.  We need to be brave enough to take responsibility for what we put out into the Universe, and in my opinion, we must always work from a place of justice and compassion.

Blessed be.
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