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Why I Will Not Help Witches Bind the President

Starting tonight, many will be participating in a spell to bind donald j. trump . While I support my Brother and Sister Witches of all paths wholeheartedly, I will not be participating.  I have a few reasons for this. My purpose in writing this post is not to try and tell anyone they are wrong or are violating some "Karmic Law" or another.  That is not my place.  I'm sharing my reasoning, so that others who may be on the fence or who may be facing pushback because they don't want to participate can see a different perspective on the matter or can feel that they are not alone in having reservations.

I do not know where this document originated.  I do not know the individual(s) who created the spell, nor do I know their intent.  The intent is laid out in the spell itself, true, but I still don't know what the person's true intent is, what is in their heart.  For me, personally, this is an issue.There are too many unknowns around the execution of the spell. Yes,…

These are Trying Times

My better nature is being tested greatly.
This election was very hard on me.  It was hard on many people.  And things are getting even worse, now that 45 is in office and "doing his job."  As a Wiccan, I've been struggling very, very hard.  I've been feeling very angry and very betrayed by my country on a daily basis. It is true that, as a white woman, I have privilege (something I'm not proud of, nor did I ask for, but I have, nonetheless;) however, that does not mean I feel nothing for those who are different from me.  In fact, I would have to say that I feel way too much, sometimes.  I am an empath, and more importantly, I like to believe that I am a decent human being.  All I know for sure is that what is happening right now in the U.S. is really not ok. 

Like other Witches and Pagans, I have been working magic and praying and journaling and working on my own shit daily.  Like other Witches and Pagans, as well, I have been bumping up against my personal ethic…