The Grimoire Project

The desk was my grandmother's vanity.

In mid-October, I sat down and finally began to compile my Grimoire. For now, it's simply a timeline, with a few notes included with each entry.  I'm just trying to get everything documented in one place, hopefully in order. I was very prolific back in the 90s, so my material is spread across three different volumes, each one used for a different purpose.  So far, I have not included details of any of my rituals, and I have not yet decided whether I will include prayers and chants I have written.  I kind of feel like those are meant for their own volumes.  I may also number my journals and create an index.  One thing at a time, though.

What I'm finding is that this is the one area of my life where I have always felt confident.  I was a shy child, and I'm a shy adult, but as I read back through my journals, I'm realizing I have never doubted myself when it comes to Craft.  Not once.  (That's pretty cool!) This does not mean I have been arrogant.  It just means that I have never been afraid of my path.

I'm choosing to do this by hand, and I intend to keep using the same letterhead you see in the photo--even though that will likely mean running to the local office supply store and making color copies of it. Consistency is important to me, and hand writing has always been a part of my routines, whether  in writing down appointments, writing spells, or just writing. (Most of the time, my first drafts are handwritten.  The only time I seem to be able to sit down at the computer and just type out what I want to say is when I'm doing it in a work context.)  Writing things out by hand helps me to focus and remember things, and it also enhances my intimacy with my material.

Another aspect of this project will be to find a way to store my journals.  I was lucky enough that I have not lost any in any of my moves, and since I've been in my current home, they've all been together on the bookshelf.  Most likely, I will buy a dedicated box or trunk for them and add to it as I fill journals.
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