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The Grimoire Project

The desk was my grandmother's vanity.

In mid-October, I sat down and finally began to compile my Grimoire. For now, it's simply a timeline, with a few notes included with each entry.  I'm just trying to get everything documented in one place, hopefully in order. I was very prolific back in the 90s, so my material is spread across three different volumes, each one used for a different purpose.  So far, I have not included details of any of my rituals, and I have not yet decided whether I will include prayers and chants I have written.  I kind of feel like those are meant for their own volumes.  I may also number my journals and create an index.  One thing at a time, though.

What I'm finding is that this is the one area of my life where I have always felt confident.  I was a shy child, and I'm a shy adult, but as I read back through my journals, I'm realizing I have never doubted myself when it comes to Craft.  Not once.  (That's pretty cool!) This does not mea…