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Principled Goals: Journals and Grimoire

My current journal, going on year 3
For a couple of years now, my journaling--and really, all  of my writing--has dropped off.  I simply did not write in it for a little over a year. I started again this March, and I returned to it today.  I'm hoping it will stick this time, because I have a big goal around my journaling.  Not only that, it enhances and supports my magical work otherwise.

I am at a place in my life now where I can focus back in n my spiritual work, and I am so hungry for it. Back in the 90s, I was very dedicated, very focused, and very active with the Craft. I am hoping to get back to that now. This will take some time and a lot of work on my part, I am aware. The last time, writing was an integral part of my journey. Hell, it's a part of who I am.
The truth is, writer's block hurts me. It hurts me like a physical injury. Losing sight of my writer's Muse is a  loss  that I suffer deeply. The fact that I am feeling ready to journal (and may…