Helpers: Gargoyles

John-One of my personal gargoyles and the only one with a name.

"John" carries that name, because--if I remember correctly--when I bought him, I believe the tag said that he's a replica of a St. John's Gargoyle. I can't confirm that, though.  Either way, the name, "John," just seemed right, so he's John.  John is the one I use the most, and he's very effective at what he does. (Too effective, sometimes, which is why I don't actually activate him  often!)  I have two others, one of which is plastic, but still does what I need it to do. I'm going to replace it, eventually.

Traditionally, gargoyles were used to protect buildings--usually churches and cathedrals--from evil spirits.  Technically, the statues I have are grotesques. Gargoyles were rain spouts.  That said, the ones that are not rain spouts have come to be called gargoyles today.  I've had a difficult time finding information on what they mean to other modern Pagans and Wtiches, but to me, they are guardians.  My "thing," magically, has been protection, and when I found John, my relationship with these guardian spirits started, and it's always been about protective magic for me.

There's no one right way to work with them.  I "feed" them occasionally by burning or anointing them with dragon's blood.  Most of the time, I keep them around the house and yard as decoration, and I only activate them when I specifically feel the need for stronger protection than I can muster by myself.  John, in particular, I have to handle very carefully and instruct very specifically.  I activated them most recently when going through a contentious family situation.

I have never needed to de-activate them. These spirits seem to know when I am back to a calm state and am feeling safe.  That said, I am very careful about using them for that purpose.  It's generally a last resort.

I do not have instructions to share.  It's all been a self-developed, intuitive process. I did not conjure the spirit that dwells within "John." It just sort of came to be.  I intuitively just knew to use the statue and what to use it for. The indwelling spirit is most likely a manifestation of my own energy, which is probably why I can direct its use so easily.

My partner isn't bothered by their presence at all, and in fact I have told him I'd like to get a couple of the larger, outdoor gargoyle statues for our property.  They would be decorative, but if I felt so moved, I would use them the same way I use the smaller ones that I have now.

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