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Principled Notes: Anger

The fire of anger is serious.  It can destroy, or it can purify. Sometimes, purification comes from destruction, but if we are not careful, fire can destroy and not purify.  I recently found myself at this grim crossroads due to a bad family situation.
In the wake of a recent death in our family, I was treated very badly by some family members.  To be blunt, I was pretty well screwed over. As this was all unfolding, I was forced to allow the very people who were mistreating me into my home multiple times.  It was tough, and i was very, very, very angry.  I was tempted to do all kinds of things.  Bar them from entering my property, hiding things so they couldn't take them, hexing, and all kinds of other things that a Witch might be temped to do.  I did a lot of meditating and reading and praying on it.  I weighed the pros and cons of each possible course of action.  I smudged. Oh, boy, did I smudge!  I had the cauldron and broom out and smoked the house out pretty thoroughly! I ca…