Keeping Sacred Spaces Sacred

I recently inherited a house in WV.  Currently, my temple space is set up in the library of the apartment we've been living in inside the house.  Now that the house belongs to me, I've identified a room that will make a perfect Temple--not so much because of the room's placement as the feel of the room.  It's a good space on the southwest corner of the house with a lot of windows. The room's not too big--just big enough for my Altar and some additional shelving.  It also has a closet, which will come in handy.  The room used to be a den, and it's currently a bedroom, so it's always been a tranquil space.

My partner and I are having a bit of a debate about the timing of my Temple setup.  He is concerned about my wellbeing and feels I should dismantle the bedroom and set up my Temple now.  He feels that if I am able to pick my practice back up and get back into meditating regularly, it will help with some health problems I'm currently facing.  He is right, of course, but it's not that simple for me.  I feel a strong need to wait.

Over the next couple of months, there will be people in and out of my house, potentially a lot.  We'll be doing an inventory--going through everything.  Then, all of my siblings will come to the house to go through whatever I don't keep.  After that, there will be an appraiser coming through, and then possibly an estate sale.  Mind you, my partner and I live here.  It's too much random energy, too much chaos.  Yes, I could set up the Temple and then simply close the door when people are here, but we will already be doing that with our apartment.  I wouldn't feel safe having my Temple set up before all of that is over.  I feel too vulnerable.

For now, I'm able to meditate and do Ritual whenever I need to.  My cats have trashed my altar more times than I care to recount, but this time around, they have left it alone, so far (fingers crossed!)  We're locking the basement when people come through, so I figure why not just leave my setup where it is for now?  My family knows that the basement is our private space, so they won't be surprised by the door being locked, but I'm concerned if we start going around locking doors in the rest of the house, it could cause tension.  I think all of us want this all to be over as soon as possible, so I'm taking what I see as the efficient path.

The bottom line, for me, though, is the energy.  I want the energy of that room to remain tranquil.  I do not feel fully safe in sharing that part of my life with people, outside of my tight circle and the few other people who know about me.  There are people who will be coming through the house who are outright hostile to my religion.  Yes, it is my house; however, that does not mean I can control the behavior or the energy of those who visit it--nor would I want to.

Closed doors are a good thing when they protect and define sacred space, but not when they obstruct. For a cleaning out like this, you want flow.  You want to minimize tension. Waiting until everything is over with gives us an opening to move forward and really make the space our own.  If I move the Temple now, it will not feel like flow to me.  The house will not feel fully mine until I feel like people aren't going to be picking it over.  When I have that open space before me, then I will sanctify and construct my new Temple.
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