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Keeping Sacred Spaces Sacred

I recently inherited a house in WV.  Currently, my temple space is set up in the library of the apartment we've been living in inside the house.  Now that the house belongs to me, I've identified a room that will make a perfect Temple--not so much because of the room's placement as the feel of the room.  It's a good space on the southwest corner of the house with a lot of windows. The room's not too big--just big enough for my Altar and some additional shelving.  It also has a closet, which will come in handy.  The room used to be a den, and it's currently a bedroom, so it's always been a tranquil space.
My partner and I are having a bit of a debate about the timing of my Temple setup.  He is concerned about my wellbeing and feels I should dismantle the bedroom and set up my Temple now.  He feels that if I am able to pick my practice back up and get back into meditating regularly, it will help with some health problems I'm currently facing.  He is righ…