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Imbolc: Morning of the New Year

The blizzard that hit the East Coast last week, and then the subsequent Big Dig, have provided me with a wonderful personal metaphor for Imbolc this year.  During the time of the blizzard, my partner and I had no other option but to settle in and rest.  As much as I tried to get anything done around the house, the urge to eat and sleep and stare at the idiot box just would not leave me, so I gave into it. My body needed the rest, and so did my mind.  My mother was not with us, having instead been admitted to the hospital because of the storm by a very smart doctor.  (I am happy to say that Mom is currently on the mend.)  Everyone was safe.  Everyone had what they needed.  I hibernated.
Once the weather started to brighten up and get warmer, we started to dig out and (eventually) venture off our land.  We don't have the equipment we need at home to dig out, so we hired a local farmer, who was also digging other neighbors out.  He got to our house the Tuesday after the storm and ha…