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As with my other blogs, I like to just throw in an update from time to time, in between the more focused posts. You can think of these as little peeks behind the curtain.

We are preparing to move to the country!  Well, really, it's what I call "Little Frederick"--Jefferson County, WV.  It's about an hour from the Washington, DC area, where I currently live, and the lifestyle and general vibe is pretty close to that in and around Frederick, MD.  It's fairly diverse, but a little more conservative than DC.  My SO and I will be able to get organic food at a market near  our home--at least the basics.  I will continue to commute to the DC area for work and for other pursuits.  I am not leaving either of my current jobs.  These being part time will make this a lot easier.

We are moving, because my mom has expressed a desire for us to move in with her, even though we will be hiring a couple of nurses for her more intensive medical needs. We have started the process of renovating the basement into an apartment for us and our pets.  (She also has pets, but the two households can't mix.)  This is a lot of work, but I am also getting to know this house and land in a way that I never have before.  (The house has been in our family for about 24 years!) 

We'll be keeping my current house and renting it out.  I hope to sell it, eventually, but the market's not conducive right now.  Bummer.

Just to give you an idea of what my Spring has been like, on a spiritual level, I attended an Ostara ritual at which I was given a couple of seed bombs.  I brought them home and put them on my altar, both to bless and charge them, and as a place to keep them until I found a piece of land that needed them.  My cats destroyed them, and the seeds are nowhere to be found! This could be taken a couple of ways:  1.  Chaos.  My life is changing, and I have a to-do list a million miles long.  I can't attend to every detail, and some things are going to fall through the cracks.  2. Potential.  There was an unknown place in my life or in the Astral around me that needed the healing.  The cats were merely the delivery system.  (*giggle*)  

At first, I was really mad--at the cats for not staying the heck off my altar (!!!) and at myself for being careless.  As time goes on, however, I've simply accepted that the scattering of those seeds was not my responsibility, and that I need to do more giving over to Goddess, especially in such stressful times.

Upon reflection, and in light of the changes I am going through, I am not sure I am ready for a teacher, after all.  I think, instead, what I may need is to simply work on getting a regular practice back in place, journaling regularly, and bringing myself back to a calm and grounded place.  That's very hard to do when you are running every which way, but if I can get myself to focus back on the basics--breath, Moons, seasons, purification, meditation, then I will be ready to move forward with that.  

I have spoken with a potential Teacher, someone with whom I would love to work, but I'm just not sure it is going to happen. I am due to contact this person in June, so I will ask for an appointment and share this with him/her, and we will go from there.

I hope everyone is having a good Spring. I am looking forward to Litha, because I am hoping to manifest some things that will help me on this leg of my journey!

Blessed be!

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