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Principled Notes

As with my other blogs, I like to just throw in an update from time to time, in between the more focused posts. You can think of these as little peeks behind the curtain. ***
We are preparing to move to the country!  Well, really, it's what I call "Little Frederick"--Jefferson County, WV.  It's about an hour from the Washington, DC area, where I currently live, and the lifestyle and general vibe is pretty close to that in and around Frederick, MD.  It's fairly diverse, but a little more conservative than DC.  My SO and I will be able to get organic food at a market near  our home--at least the basics.  I will continue to commute to the DC area for work and for other pursuits.  I am not leaving either of my current jobs.  These being part time will make this a lot easier.
We are moving, because my mom has expressed a desire for us to move in with her, even though we will be hiring a couple of nurses for her more intensive medical needs. We have started the proces…