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Even if I don't Agree, I can't Condone Violence

In light of  this week's controversy over the enactment of the RFRA in Indiana, I feel I need to say something.

While I am happy that there has been so much blowback against this law and the way in which it has been enacted by businesses, I am not happy that a business had to close due to threats.  I don't want bigotry to be able to flourish.  Make no mistake.  I believe that religion--any religion--does not belong in government or in day-to-day business.  I personally think it's stupid, unless one is running a business specifically built around one's religion (like a chapel gift shop or a metaphysical store, etc.)  That's the first problem.  The other problem is that bigotry is simply wrong.  It just is.  It is not a progressive value, and it will destroy our nation (or any nation in which it is allowed to flourish.)

That said, I am not happy that this family had to close their business due to threats.  They closed for their safety, clearly.  Who knows if things …