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Imbolc: Using the Deadfall

Wood for the hearth fire.
Yesterday, my partner and I went out and cut some more firewood on my mom's property.  She has a lot of downed trees!  We'll be able to keep the hearth warm for many winters to come.  Yesterday's haul gave us a half a cord plus some!
When I suggested this chore to him yesterday, I was not thinking about the fact that we are approaching Imbolc--at least, not consciously.  It was only when we were deep in the process that I thought to myself, "Hey, wait a minute!"  This was the perfect thing for me to be doing at Imbolc.  It is at this time that we celebrate the return of the Light, the Sacred Flame, the forge, and this is when many of us make offerings to Brigid in a bid to forge our paths for the year.  
He likes his tools, as do most men, so I let him do the cutting, and I did the hauling and stacking. This allowed me to get physically into the process, which I prefer.  I left a good log in a sunny patch in our clearing for Brigid.  I c…