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"Shy" taken by me.

I'm embarrassed to say that I have not been back to this blog in a while, because I lost my password.  It took me a while to recover it, too.  Oops!  Nothing says "I am sidetracked" quite like that! Anyhow, I'm back for a quick update.


I'm still taking care of my mother, which--even though we don't live together--takes up a lot of my time and particularly a lot of my energy. Every month, there are several doctor appointments of various kinds, and recently we went through a crisis.  I'm happy to report that incident had a very good outcome!  Now, she is in the final stretch of her stay at the sub acute rehab, so I'm beginning the process of getting her house ready for her return.  We're not 100% sure that she will return to her house, but it's looking that way. She will, however, be living on the first floor when she does, so I have to get what will be her bedroom re-carpeted and get the furniture shuffled around.  It will be a great adventure!


I'm currently without a teacher, mentor, and group/Coven. I'm happy to say this is not due to negative circumstances--I'm now employed by my former Teacher, and it's going very well!  That said, I am looking for a new mentor/teacher.  There are a few things people need to know before anyone gives me leads/suggests people to approach. 

1.  I am broke. I work part time, and my income just barely even covers my mortgage.  I do not have a lot of extra money to pay for, well, anything;  however, if someone is willing to be a mentor to me, I'm more than happy to see what we can work out.

2. I am Wiccan, and I am influenced by Reclaiming.  While I don't need my mentor to be specifically Wiccan, I'm happiest working with someone who is at least Wicca- or Reclaiming-friendly, if not actually of one of those Paths. Indeed, I'm interested in becoming initiated into Reclaiming one day, but until my schedule settles down, I'm not seeking that out, specifically.

3.  This would need to be a casual mentorship, where meetings are set up as we go, due to everything that's going on with my mom. This would also be due to my financial situation as stated above.

4. This person does not need to be local to me.  I'm more than happy to Skype, Hangout, or talk on the phone.

If you are someone or know someone who might be willing to talk to me about this, please get in touch with me or pass along his/her name.  I have specific people in mind, with whom I would love to work; however, finances and scheduling will not allow for that.

There is a lot going on in my life, and it would be really nice to have someone to go to with weighty issues and big questions once in a while.  I can talk to my friends, of course, but some things are too big for that.

Thanks for any help you can give me with this issue!




Imbolc  is one of my favorite Sabbats, specifically because of the "cleaning out" aspect. (Ha!  Tell that to my house!)  I've been through a whole lot over the years, and the opportunity to sweep the negative out the door and feel the Winter air on my unprotected face in a spirit of cleansing once a year really, really makes it easier to get through the year ahead.  What we carry with us weighs us down, so I find it's best to only carry things that matter. 

This year, sadly, I won't be making it to the Rituals I wanted to attend (Connect DC and Baltimore Reclaiming!  Holla!), because I will be at my mom's house this weekend.  Sometimes, I can shift my schedule around, so that I can be home on weekends, but not this time.  

I will, of course, be updating my Altar and holding my own observation, but group Magic is always a lot of fun and can be very enriching.  I do well as a Solitary, but it gets to be a lonely path sometimes.


I have more that I want to say, but those topics require their own posts.  Now that I can actually log in, I plan to post at least once a month, if not more often.

Blessed Imbolc, Shining Ones!
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