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Principled Notes

"Shy" taken by me.
I'm embarrassed to say that I have not been back to this blog in a while, because I lost my password.  It took me a while to recover it, too.  Oops!  Nothing says "I am sidetracked" quite like that! Anyhow, I'm back for a quick update.
I'm still taking care of my mother, which--even though we don't live together--takes up a lot of my time and particularly a lot of my energy. Every month, there are several doctor appointments of various kinds, and recently we went through a crisis.  I'm happy to report that incident had a very good outcome!  Now, she is in the final stretch of her stay at the sub acute rehab, so I'm beginning the process of getting her house ready for her return.  We're not 100% sure that she will return to her house, but it's looking that way. She will, however, be living on the first floor when she does, so I have to get what will be her bedroom re-carpeted and get the furniture shuffled around…