Making Room in my Temple for Art

"Honey" necklace made by me

Honestly, there has always been room in my Temple for art!  Lately, however, I have been on a real roll with my art, and about a week ago, I decided to open an Etsy shop, through which to sell my darker and Occult-themed art.  I'm currently working on two pieces in addition to the few already listed, and I am going back through my old product photos (from a now-defunct shop) and trying to get things listed.  There is not much there at the moment.  You can see the shop widget on the right hand side of this blog.

I've been making art and crafting and selling my goods for almost a decade now, but previously, I have mixed the few dark pieces in with my other stuff.  (In the past, I would never dare post any Occult art for sale and scare off "the regular folk!")  Well, I don't know if it is my age or just where I'm at in life, but now, I'm ready to make space to market that type of art, because I think that what I make is good and is worth sharing.  Indeed, though I make less of it over all, my dark and Occult art is my favorite to make!  ;)

Eventually, I may include things like travel Ritual Kits and such, but for now, I'm just listing what I have created.  I have no plans to sell blessed items, beyond basic things like having cleansed them, but I'm open to custom orders.

Creating art for its own sake is wonderful, and I have a few pieces that I have created in the past, but have no plans to sell.  That said, I've become pretty prolific over the years, and it gets to the point where keeping it for yourself or giving it as gifts just does not fulfill you any more.  That's where I was at several years ago when I started my business.  There will always be pieces that are gifts or are just for me, but a lot of what I make is for the larger world.

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