Welcoming Spring

Chronologically,  Spring has already been here for a little over a month.  The world celebrated Ostara back around the 21st of March.  I did not.  I was not ready, and I was also elbow-deep in Earthly concerns.  I also did not feel it was really Spring yet.  The weather was still settling, and we were still experiencing a lot of cold.  I also think I was just not ready to move into Spring.

That happened, for me, this morning.  I have had a quiet morning to myself, which I have spent cleaning up my house, smudging, and cleaning and changing my altar.  Now, it's Spring for me.

Our garden went in just last week. Some plants are still not in the ground, because Winter insists on holding onto our nights.  The fragile seedlings won't survive if we plant them now.

I am on the cusp of a new leg of my life's journey.  I am between jobs and dealing with an ailing parent.  I am weighing selling my house and moving elsewhere.  I am starting to interview for new jobs and new opportunities.  We even have a kitten in the house!  All of those speak to me of Spring.

I'm not one to question the calendar by which we all live; however, I believe in celebrating the change in seasons when it feels internally right and is more practical on an individual level.

I do regret that I missed out on celebrating Ostara with my larger community, but the Universe has other plans for me right now, and I'm doing my best to honor that and to dance with it, rather than allowing it to affect my emotions in a negative way.  I am doing things when I feel ready.

May the sun warm your face and the opening flowers tickle your feet and your senses!  Blessed be!
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