Nature Teachings: Dancing With the Wind

On a recent, early Spring morning, I ventured outside to do a ritual.  It  had to be that morning, and I didn't care about the weather, though I was thankful that it was not raining.  Indeed, it was a very cold, very windy morning!

As the wind blew, I created my sacred space and lit my candle and incense, protecting the flames best I could without getting burnt.  For a while, there was calm, but toward the end, the wind really picked up again, and my candle went out.  I chose not to relight it, as I knew the ritual was over at that point.

I spent a few minutes, however, focusing on the wind.  The wind buffeted my face and threatened to blow away my altar items.  I sat still, enjoying the feel of the wind and the warmth of the Sun on my face, and then something occurred to me...

I could choose to see this wind as an impediment, as an opposing force in the Universe, meant to hold me back.  I chose instead to see the wind as the wind at my back, supporting me and propelling me forward...

Would you know--once I chose to shift my perspective, the wind changed direction! ;)

Blessed be!

Photo Credit:  "Vibrancy" (c) 2013  Jennifer L. Moore.  Do not duplicate.
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