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Welcoming Spring

Chronologically,  Spring has already been here for a little over a month.  The world celebrated Ostara back around the 21st of March.  I did not.  I was not ready, and I was also elbow-deep in Earthly concerns.  I also did not feel it was really Spring yet.  The weather was still settling, and we were still experiencing a lot of cold.  I also think I was just not ready to move into Spring.

That happened, for me, this morning.  I have had a quiet morning to myself, which I have spent cleaning up my house, smudging, and cleaning and changing my altar.  Now, it's Spring for me.

Our garden went in just last week. Some plants are still not in the ground, because Winter insists on holding onto our nights.  The fragile seedlings won't survive if we plant them now.

I am on the cusp of a new leg of my life's journey.  I am between jobs and dealing with an ailing parent.  I am weighing selling my house and moving elsewhere.  I am starting to interview for new jobs and new opportuni…

Nature Teachings: Dancing With the Wind

On a recent, early Spring morning, I ventured outside to do a ritual.  It  had to be that morning, and I didn't care about the weather, though I was thankful that it was not raining.  Indeed, it was a very cold, very windy morning!
As the wind blew, I created my sacred space and lit my candle and incense, protecting the flames best I could without getting burnt.  For a while, there was calm, but toward the end, the wind really picked up again, and my candle went out.  I chose not to relight it, as I knew the ritual was over at that point.
I spent a few minutes, however, focusing on the wind.  The wind buffeted my face and threatened to blow away my altar items.  I sat still, enjoying the feel of the wind and the warmth of the Sun on my face, and then something occurred to me...
I could choose to see this wind as an impediment, as an opposing force in the Universe, meant to hold me back.  I chose instead to see the wind as the wind at my back, supporting me and propelling me forwa…