Animal Teachings: Spider bites!

If you are arachnophobic, you might want to skip this post!

Jumping spider. I don't know if this is what's been biting me, 
but we find these in the house all the time!

I am told that spider bites are rare, yet over the past few months, I have been bitten in my sleep several times.  My boyfriend, who sleeps right next to me, has not been bitten.  There are no spiders living in our mattress, and there are not a lot of webs in the house.  We do see spiders in the house quite often, and in particular, he has caught a few jumping spiders in our bedroom, so even if we are not infested, I know they are there.  (Spiders freak me out a little, but I respect them, and I am not arachnophobic.) We never, ever kill spiders that show up in our house, if it can be avoided.  Our standard MO is to collect the little (or not-so-little!) beasty and escort him/her outside.

The bites are not making me sick. They just itch like hell!  (I don't know that it is the jumpers that are biting me.  I do know they are spider bites, by the size of the bite marks and by how they feel.)

Of course, as a modern Pagan, I realize there are all sorts of rational explanations for what's happening;  however, as a modern Pagan, I am choosing to look at this situation from a magical perspective.  Why am I getting bitten?  Why so often?  Why am I the only one getting bitten?  Why in my sleep? Why always on my right side?

I've taken the time to do a little research into spider lore, and I hope to take some time to meditate on it and maybe even try to talk to Spider to see what's going on.

Book lore told me that Spider can represent:  Great Mother as Weaver of Fate; The Fates; lunar; weaves all living things into the Web of Life; creator; weaves Web of Life from its own substance; temperamental; unpredictable and perilous, but beneficent; Wise One;  Trickster; Earth; lucky; money-spinner; wiliness; miser bleeding the poor (JC Cooper).

My personal experience of Spider is:  home; guardian; order; mystery; attending to details; swiftness;  feminine.

Personal symbolism of the right side of my body: not my dominant side; receptive; analytical; physically my stronger side, but I write with my left hand and am very right-brained; I sleep most often on my right side; I have a tattoo of an octopus (another 8-legged creature) on my right ankle.

Another book told me that the number 8 can represent: manifestation; regeneration; initiation; renewal.  (I don't often work with numerology, so I don't always remember the correspondences.)

I've been spending some time trying to put together what's being communicated to me, and I think that a lot of it has to do with areas of my life and interests that I'm neglecting.  I am already someone who does way too much (even with the fibro,) but there are some things for which I feel a deep passion, so I am starting to explore them this year, even if it's just one thing at a time.  I have written this into my goals for the year, and that part of my journey is already starting.

I also think it has to do with neglecting my home life.  Not my relationship with my boyfriend, but care of my actual home.  I am terrible about making time to work on the house, so I am making time for that, too.  In particular, I'm trying to make a habit of cooking more.  It's something I enjoy and do well.  Whenever I am home on a weekend now, I make a point of cooking something.

There is probably a larger, deeper message, too, but I don't know what that might be.  Maybe I'm not meant to.  If anyone reading this knows me and has any insight to offer, please feel free.  (I do moderate comments, but that's only because the spammers have been very aggressive lately.)


Image credit: ehabeljean / 123RF Stock Photo
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