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Meditations: Mabon

I was finally able to hold my observance last night.  Being a modern, suburban Witch is really hard!  You have so many other things pulling at your attention and eating up your time!  I'd be willing to bet my way, way, way, way, waaaay-back Ancestors didn't have to pencil in Mabon!

Anyhow, it took me some time to decide what I was going to do for Mabon (on my own, as opposed to with the various groups with whom I associate,) so I looked back at the year I've had, and I listened to my body, and I settled on a healing bath and some Black Heart work.  In my case, this means doing the healing work that will clear the way for me to reconnect with my own Black Heart.

I gathered up leaves from down the street, got my cakes and brandy together, and set my altar up in my bathroom for this Ritual.  (Ideally, I would have used an isolation tank, but I have neither the money nor the space for one, so a candle lit bathroom and a tub full of warm water had to do.)  I gathered the stone…

Nature Teachings: Lying on the Beach

(Not Lewes Beach. This is a beach in Dover, DE.)

The third week of August, my boyfriend and I took our long-anticipated, five-year anniversary trip.  We had originally planned big:  We were going to take a train up into Canada, and our destination was to be Banff!  (By train or by car--we did not get as far as researching the trip to see what would be our best bet.)  We started planning in Winter of 2011, because we knew that it would be expensive, and we knew that I would need at least two weeks off--probably three.  Well, as time went on, it became clear that our budget just wasn't going to allow for it.  Things come up, even when we plan carefully.  Accordingly, over time, our expectations came down, and we looked for alternatives.

Neither of us had been to the ocean in a very long time, so we decided that a week or so at the beach would be a great back up plan.  A week turned into just four days, again, due to budgeting issues.  In the end, we set our sights on Delaware.  The…

Finding Peace in Stormy Times

A friend of mine has shared about dealing with stress over on his website, and he has some very good advice.

My life has been pretty exciting this year, so far (and I don't necessarily mean in a good way!)  I have suffered my fair share of what I call brain spin  and lost sleep and general anxiety.  I've felt angry. I've wanted to cry and run away and sleep and...just not deal with things at certain points of the year, but I have persevered, and I've gotten through some very difficult situations.

I recommend you give my friend's article a read.  Meanwhile, I'd like to share some of the things I do to cope. 

The very first thing I do is I let my feelings come out.  I allow myself to feel and release that first, powerful surge of emotion, whether it is anger, emotional upset, hurt feelings, or even jubilation.  I find that holding this rush of emotion in makes it really hard to concentrate on doing what needs to be done to deal with the situation at hand and to …