Animal Teachings: Coyote Cub

This morning, I got to work a little early, so I was sitting in my car listening to one of my favorite morning shows to pass the time.  As I was getting ready to get out of the car and head inside, I saw a small animal come out of the woods into the parking lot closer to the building than I was parked.  It stretched, sniffed around, sat down for a minute, scratched its ear...  As I got out of my car, it looked over at me, and I realized what it was:  It was a coyote pup! 

Coyotes are not unheard of where I live.  In fact, my own first encounter with a coyote (this was an adult, no less!) was a few years ago as I was walking between buildings at work.  That was a very cool experience.  My company made the decision around that same time not to disturb the den.  It turns out we had (and I guess still have) a den on our property. For that, I commend them.  There have never been any issues on our property with these amazing animals, who so many just want to kill!  (To their credit, my company also uses non-lethal methods to control the Canadian geese who sometimes come and mob our campus!)

As I got out of the car, it heard me and got up and just kind of watched me.  As I walked toward the building, it gracefully retreated into the shade of the woods.  I feel very blessed by this encounter, because I believe it happened for a reason.

I currently am dealing with a situation about which I feel very conflicted.  I feel like this was the Universe's way of telling me that the confusion won't last forever, that the illusions and general upsets won't last forever, that I just need to pay attention, stay on track, and do the work.  My answer--my clear path--will make itself known.

Of course, I also just plain love animals, and running into the wild ones is always very moving for me.  I give thanks for the encounter and for the  lesson!  :)

Image credit: natureguy / 123RF Stock Photo
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