Getting Personal: Inner Child Work--I Get it Now!

This little cutie was me.  I'm not sure what happened. LOL!

I admit that I used to poo-poo Inner Child work and write it off as "so much New Age fluff."  I'm a snob at times.  I can and do own that.  That said, my attitude toward this particular type of work was changed last year. 
The truth of the matter is that, as a woman who doesn't have children and doesn't feel particularly maternal, I just didn't understand what it was or what its purpose is. I do now! I never knew why I would want to do this work or how to start, how to connect with the most important child of all:  My own Inner Child.  It was my mother's death in 2016 that brought everything into perspective for me. 
What ultimately triggered it was not my mother's death itself, but some photos I found (included above) while going through some family documents and photos.  I came across this folding frame, and I was just compelled to stare at the photos for a while.  I found myself feelin…


I name everything. ...And by that, I mean...everything, or at least everything with some sort of sentience.  I name my computers, my mobile devices, and my cars.  I don't name my phones.  After all, you need limits. I have named my home.  That happened faster than I thought it would.  One day, we were planning our garden, and the name of our little homestead just came to me:  Sage Alley
Why do I name inanimate objects?  To be honest, I'm not sure.  It's just something I started doing when I got my laptop.  Those names don't really mean anything to anyone but me.  They are a way of identifying my belongings.  I put more thought into my car names, because I spend a lot of time on the road.  The cars are more like companions than belongings to me.  The one I dive the most has the most significant name, naturally.  (Jazz.  I named it Jazz.  It's a Chevy Volt, and the first time I heard it being driven and I was not in it, it sounded like one of the Transformers to m…

Why We Need Gates

In the past six months or so, my friends, I have gone from looking for community to being a co-organizer to a GROWING community.  The Gods do work in mysterious ways!

I've never run a group before, let alone a group for Pagans.  When a local friend and I took over what is now our group after the old one imploded, we became leaders-by-default.  By "leaders," I don't mean we are the Makers of All the Rules.  I mean we are the organizers.  She and I are the Man Behind the Curtain, the House Elves who keep things running smoothly. We try to make everything very Democratic.  All decisions are made by the group as a whole--or at least by those who wish to give input. Several of us also take turns leading Sabbats.
After our experience with the previous incarnation of this group and a couple of issues we've encountered since, we have learned that, even if a group wants to be open and inclusive, it's not always possible, and it's not always wise.  While we want t…

Finding Community in a New Place

Moving, as I did in 2015, from a very diverse area to one that was not quite as diverse, was very difficult, and it took me some time to adjust.  The first six months or so that I was here, I was focused on taking care of my mother, so I didn't give it too much thought and just made it work.  After she passed, however, I started to feel socially and spiritually lonely.  Mind you, my partner has been with me every step of the way.  That's not what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is needing friends and needing spiritual community that resonates.
Once things settled down and we got into the groove of our new life in the country, I started to really hunger for Witchy company.  I had found community among other comics by this past summer, when I started my own group for comedy writers.  The spiritual side was trickier: I'm not out of the broom closet here.  So I waited.  
The waiting paid off toward the end of this summer, when I found that someone else had s…

Foundations: Altars- My Breaking Rock

It just looks like a rock in the woods, but...
Last Spring, I participated in a spell concerning two major Texas Supreme Court decisions. The group of us who participated made honey pots well before the decisions came down. As the spell came to a close and the two decisions came down, I realized that it was time for me to end my spell and release the energy to the Universe. 

I'm big on not just ending spells, but actually releasing their energy, unless the need for a specific energy manifestation is ongoing.  I feel this way, because I believe that if the energy is not released, an issue may continue and never be resolved.  Sometimes, it's necessary to do additional spell work around an issue, but I feel that a new spell should be done each time if this is not known initially.  Keeping something going keeps us tied to it. Sometimes, this is a correct state.  Other times, it is not.  In the case of these  court decisions, I felt that once the decisions came down (both of them,) I…

Practice and Chronic Illness

I have a chronic illness.  The Gods know, I am not the first, nor will I be the last, Witch to have to deal with an illness.  That said, we all have different practices, and we all navigate practice and chronic illness differently.

This illness (in my case, it's recently-diagnosed fibromyalgia) has been a huge source of frustration for me. It (obviously) affects all aspects of my life, but it makes my spiritual life especially challenging.  Just yesterday, I was working on stillness practice, and I could not become still, because I could not stay in one position for too long, due to the pain.  That was dismaying; after all, if I can't even be still, how can I possibly ever be effective at conducting ritual or spell work?  Sometimes, I don't set foot in my Temple for weeks--not because I've given up, but because I have to pull back and save my energy for other things, like basic functioning.

Tomorrow night, I'm planning on doing something specific.  It will absolut…

How I Am Dealing with the Problem

I was very inspired by the spirit of the spell cast by many Witches back in February, but for reasons I covered in that post, I opted out. I did a lot of thinking, and this month, I carried out my own.  The problem we are facing here in the U.S. is simply too big to let go.  We are in a lot of trouble, and the consequences of the actions that are being taken by these people will be far reaching and will set our nation back decades, not to mention the terrible, terrible damage that these actions will do to our beloved Planet.

After some time and much thought, I formulated a spell that both satisfied my need to do something about it and fit comfortably within my personal ethical framework. The spell was begun at the last New Moon (March) and was ended at the Full Moon on April 11. I left the Circle cast the whole time, though all action took place on those two nights.  In between, I simply reinforced the spell with a quick prayer and some specific movement.  The movement was meant to m…